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Love is Brewing at Waffle House

Love is brewing with only twenty-four days till Valentine’s Day, and everyone knows that romance is best served scattered, smothered, and peppered.


If looking longingly into your loved one’s eyes over a plate of Texas toast, bacon, and eggs over easy with a double side of hashbrowns, then making reservations for an affordable dinner on Valentine’s evening at Waffle House is a must.

Select Waffle Houses are dimming the lights, spreading white tablecloths on the Formica, and selecting a romantic playlist from the jukebox to set the mood.

The tradition began in 2008 at the Waffle House in John’s Creek, northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Love birds would often come to that location to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so the manager began catering to swooning sweethearts by setting out white tablecloths and candles.

Discriminating tastes will find a list of participating Waffle House locations at WaffleHouse.com.

Here are a few close by:

#377   6558 Caroline Street, Milton

#2382   53 Brent Lane, Pensacola

#1073   8010 Lavelle Way, Pensacola

#611   3804 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview

Photo:  Simon Daoudi