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City of Pensacola Mayoral Transition Team Releases Final Report

The City of Pensacola Mayoral Transition Team has released its final report to Mayor D.C. Reeves, which includes recommendations for the Mayor as he establishes city priorities and develops a strategic vision for Pensacola’s future.


The Mayoral Transition Team Final Report is the culmination of several months of research, collaboration, public meetings and community input since the Transition Team was formed in September 2022. Nearly 50 public meetings were hosted by the Transition Team and Transition Team focus areas to provide multiple opportunities for the community to provide input on the recommendations included in the final report.

“I am excited to have these recommendations in hand to provide valuable insight as we continue to work together to make the City of Pensacola the best it can possibly be,” Mayor Reeves said. “I can’t thank the members of the Transition Team enough for the significant time and effort they invested into this report, and I’d also like to thank every citizen who took the time to provide their input to the Transition Team and to the City of Pensacola. I look forward to reviewing the report and evaluating how we can incorporate these ideas and recommendations as we move our great city forward.”

Mayor Reeves plans to review the Transition Team Final Report before meeting with City of Pensacola leadership and staff to evaluate and prioritize the recommendations, along with determining the feasibility of each recommendation.

The Mayoral Transition Team consisted of 29 members appointed by Mayor Reeves, led by Transition Team Chairman Capt. Tim “Lucky” Kinsella, USN (Ret.). The Transition Team included 12 focus areas: Attainable Housing, Citizen Engagement, City Construction & Development, Education, Employee Engagement & Culture, Environment, Finance, Livability, Measurable Performance, Military Relations, Public Safety, and Strategic Planning.

“It was an honor to be part of this team of talented and dedicated community leaders working together to help our city reach its fullest potential for the benefit of all citizens,” Capt. Kinsella said. “I’d like to thank Mayor Reeves, my fellow Transition Team members, and City of Pensacola staff for their hard work throughout this process. I am excited about what’s in store for the City of Pensacola’s future under Mayor Reeves’ leadership.”

The Transition Team Final Report is available online at cityofpensacola.com/TransitionTeam2022.

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