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Hyundai Donates $1.4 Million to Support Habitat for Humanity Florida’s Disaster Recovery Efforts Following Hurricanes Ian and Nicole

Hyundai Hurricane Relief

Habitat for Humanity Florida is set to receive a $1.4 million donation from Hyundai Motor America to support the organization’s disaster-recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.


“We are extremely grateful to Hyundai for their generosity during this time. This funding will be instrumental as we embark on long-term recovery efforts following the 2022 hurricane season,” said Habitat for Humanity of Florida Executive Director Roxanne Young. “While no amount of money can heal the pain felt by many Floridians or bring back what was lost, any donation, big or small, can make a difference. We are eager to continue rebuilding homes and communities and helping families become stronger through safe and resilient shelter.”

Across the state, many homes in Hurricane Ian’s path were left flooded, severely damaged, or leveled, leaving many Floridians without a place to call home once the storm subsided. Even before the hurricane hit, the state was facing a major housing crisis. According to the Florida Housing Coalition, there is a deficit of nearly 500,000 affordable homes across the state.

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, disproportionally affect vulnerable and minority populations the most. Just six weeks after Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Nicole struck the state of Florida and exacerbated much of the damage done by Ian. During times of disaster, societal, health and wealth inequities become apparent and place low-to-moderate income families in impossible situations.

Habitat’s work in the community depends on the support received from donors, volunteers, and other community organizations. To help fund recovery efforts related to Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, visit the Habitat for Humanity of Florida Hurricane Recovery Fund. These resources will be allocated to Habitat affiliates in communities across the state where recovery efforts are taking place.

About Habitat for Humanity of Florida

Founded in 2009, Habitat for Humanity of Florida is an Affiliate Support Organization supporting the work of 52 local affiliates in the state of Florida. We perform this support function by coordinating advocacy activities, providing training and technical support, disaster recovery and serve as a focal point for disseminating state-wide resources. We do not administer housing assistance or operate a ReStore.