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Pensacola gymnast crowned the World Champion in the 13-14 age division for double mini-trampoline. 

Skye Hawk, West Fowler, and other winners
Image from Panhandle Perfection Gymnastics

U.S. gymnasts Skye Hawk and West Fowler have got a total of six medals from 3 days of competition at the 2022 T&T World Age Group Competitions in Sofia, Bulgaria. West Fowler is one of Penacola’s own, having trained at the Panhandle Perfection Gymnastics in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola. After an amazing competition, West was crowned the World Champion in the 13-14 age division for double mini-trampoline. 

Fowler and Skye split the 13-14-year-old double mini trampoline titles. Kennedi Roberts also added a bronze medal from the women’s division competition.


After qualifying, Roberts and Hawk posted scores 24.000 and 24.100  during the final’s opening round, allowing them to advance to a second, winner-take-all pass.

Hawk got the first spot with a 24.900 score on her second go, but landed on the second spot at 20.200.

Chandler Graham scored the third highest qualifying mark of 46.500 but was kept out of the final round due to the two-gymnast-per-country limit. Canada’s Brooklyn Lee-McMeeken with a 24.000 score. Lexie Danko finished at 19th with a score of 42.000.

Fowler, who bagged the 3rd place, scored 25.700 and 25.200 on the men’s 13-15 double mini field in the finals. Nate Erkert moved to the final round placing second with a score of 50.800. Overall, he got the fifth spot (24.700). Sebastian Ramberg placed 25th with a score of 42.100 and Mick Seyler got the 28th spot with a score of 26.200.

Team USA has a full house of athletes during the event, sending the maximum number of finalists to the 15-16 tumbling competition for women and men. Brooklyn Jolley advanced to the medal round of the women’s division with a score of 23.700 and finished fourth in the finals (21.900). Amelia Gasper gave a top-five finish, scoring a 22.700 in the final. London Hunt and Rosalie Thongphay placed 13th (43.300) and 20th (40.900), respectively.

On the men’s side, Xavier Harper and ZaQuae Carter moved to the final where they placed 6th (24.600) and 7th (23.900). Micah Miner was 21st (39.600), and Amare Walker bagged the 25th (38.700) spot.

In men’s 17-21 individual trampoline, Ryan Maccagnan and Jace Williams got the 4th and 5th place, respectively. After moving to the final in fourth (56.460), Maccagnan retained that spot with a 56.360, while Williams moved three spots from his 8th-place qualification with a score of 55.720. Joey Isenberg placed 16th (54.050), and Nick Francken bagged the 42nd (51.700) place.

Ava Hernando bagged the 5the place in the women’s 17-21 category. She moved to the final in the 6th spot (51.610), climbing up with an improved score of 52.020 in the medal round. Avery Kroeker got 11th spot with a 50.930, and McKenzie Petrich placed 30th with a score of 47.490.

U.S. pairs also did a great job in 15-16-year-old synchronized trampoline. In the men’s division, the duos of Will Cockrill and Van Larson and Harper and Miner were 17th and 19th, respectively.

In women’s synchro, Leah Edelman and Leah Garafalo placed 17th with a 36.220. Ava DeHanes and Rayleigh Huette placed 23rd (9.790).