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Impaired Driving Enforcement Initiative Begins

Impaired Driving Enforcement Initiative - driver thumbs up hand signal

Keeping the roadways safe for all during the holiday season.

As we continue into the holiday season, the Pensacola Police Department would like to remind drivers to buckle up, watch your speeds, drive safely, and do not drive impaired.


The Pensacola Police Department has solidified grant funding and has begun conducting enforcement shifts via the grant to locate impaired drivers and enforce violations that contribute to crashes. The goal is to remove impaired drivers from the roadways, decrease the likelihood of crashes, and make our roadways safer for all of us during the holidays.

During the holiday season the City of Pensacola sees a significant increase in traffic on our roadways. In addition to the normal traffic, people will travel from the surrounding areas to enjoy everything the City of Pensacola has to offer. This includes our vibrant downtown, the many holiday festivities and decorations, parades, events, shopping in our retail districts, and much more. With the increase in vehicles and pedestrians on our roadways, we ask you to have some patience and to be aware of your surroundings.

Most importantly, if you choose to enjoy the holidays with an alcoholic beverage, be sure to use one of the many ride sharing services offered in our area or have a designated driver. Do not drink and drive. The Pensacola Police Department has zero tolerance for impaired drivers. If you choose to drive impaired in the City of Pensacola, you will be arrested; and nobody wants to spend their holidays in jail.

From all of us at the Pensacola Police Department, we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Take the extra time to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.