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Lakeview Center Announces New Parent Company Name And Brand

Lakeview Center

Lakeview Center celebrates a milestone today in its journey as an independent nonprofit, one year since separating from Baptist Health Care. After a 25-year affiliation, team members embraced the opportunity to rebrand the organization and name the new parent company – LifeView Group – to better explain the breadth of services they provide.


Lakeview Center is known for mental health care, having started in 1954 as a small children’s guidance clinic and grown into what is today the most comprehensive behavioral health agency in Northwest Florida. The organization also provides child welfare, foster care and adoption services from Escambia to Walton County through FamiliesFirst Network. Nationwide, its affiliate Global Connections to Employment offers jobs and career services for people with significant disabilities.

“The breadth of our services can be complex to explain, and this rebranding was a historic opportunity to better tell our story. By establishing a parent company with a new identity – LifeView Group – we hope to help the community better navigate our network of services,” said Allison Hill, president and CEO of LifeView Group. “The name ‘LifeView’ does two things. First, it says we are here for you any time on your ‘life’ journey. Second, it keeps ‘view’ as part of our name to honor our 67-year legacy of service under the Lakeview brand.”

The three operating divisions of LifeView Group will maintain their long held names, while launching updated logos and branding that coordinate with that of the parent company:

  1. Lakeview Center (behavioral health services)
  2. FamiliesFirst Network (child welfare services)
  3. Global Connections to Employment (jobs for people with disabilities)

“In naming our new parent company, we took more than 200 suggestions from our team members. Everyone at all levels had an opportunity to participate in this process and the end result is better for it,” said Hill. “We landed in the perfect place to jumpstart the journey of our organization for many years to come. This approach is a

tribute to our team members’ work over the years and to our diverse team who made Lakeview a trusted partner in our community.”

Watch the video announcement here.

About LifeView Group

LifeView Group is a nonprofit human services organization whose Mission is “helping people throughout life’s journey.” Our 2,500 team members impact lives in multiple states and the District of Columbia. As a parent company, LifeView Group’s work encompasses three affiliates – Lakeview Center’s behavioral health care, FamiliesFirst Network’s child welfare support and Global Connections to Employment’s career services for people with disabilities. Learn more at LifeViewGroup.org.