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UPDATE: The Little Ninja Gym Closed Following Investor Dispute

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Following a lengthy legal battle, the embattled Little Ninja Gym has closed, leaving investors wondering why and how it all went so wrong.

According to court documents, Brooke and Markus Trouerbach failed to repay loans they received
for the purchase of equipment to start the Little Ninja Gym. The court found that the Trouerbachs failed to make payments as their loan agreement with investors required and as such have been ordered to repay investors over $77,000.


The full text of the order can be read HERE.

“You’re gonna get knocked down… that’s what life does to you,” said former owner Markus Trouerback in a 2021 interview with The Pulse. “We want to be able to teach kids to deal with that failure.”

Unfortunately, investors have reported that they continue to experience difficulty recovering their losses from the Trouerbachs, as the court ordered. Investors report that the Trouerbachs have subsequently sold their Pensacola-area property and left the state.

“They [the Trouerbachs] have not kept any of their promises or commitments to us even though we have given them multiple opportunities,” said Singh Kelly, an investor in Little Ninja Gym.

While litigation may still be ongoing as investors seek to recover what they have lost, the
children who once enjoyed the Little Ninja Gym will have to find a new place to develop their
perseverance and determination.