Home Business Pensacola-Based Laborhutt.com Helps Residents & Homeowners Connect With Affordable Labor Services

Pensacola-Based Laborhutt.com Helps Residents & Homeowners Connect With Affordable Labor Services

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The new business serves as an epicenter for laborers to connect with those needing short-term jobs performed quickly and safely.

There are thousands of people who need labor jobs performed right now in the Greater Pensacola area. Whether they are in need of yard work, cleaning, furniture assembly, moving and hauling large items, handyman jobs, mounting and installing, or any other skilled labor gig in the Pensacola area- you can rest assured that there are hundreds of posts on Craigslist, Facebook or other forums by which people are desperately seeking skilled experts to perform these tasks. Unfortunately, there are also a long stream of customer inconveniences and questions that go hand-in-hand with so many of these platforms. For example, how can someone secure payment, make sure the laborer is legit, and how can users trust that they are not getting scammed? How can local people connect with other local people in a safe, affordable way to ensure that things such as yard work, household repairs, or moving services are actually within reach for those who may not have a ton of resources?


When Navy Veteran Jordan Sakala recognized this need, and began to consider these questions, he knew he had to take action. “I realized that the cost of most labor services increased to the point that most people can’t afford them,” Sakala explained. “A lot of us just need an extra hand and with daily tasks.” He envisioned a safe, secure website that could serve as a central informational hub, where he could help people connect to qualified laborers, in order to help them with various tasks. He also noticed that many homeowners often hold off much needed repairs because they can’t find someone to help them. Additionally, many of our area’s senior citizens do not have the ability, nor the funds, to hire expensive labor contractors. Sakala hopes to connect those who want to make some extra cash to those who need help with short-term tasks such as moving, cleaning or furniture assembly.

The goal of Laborhutt is to allow residents to get services on their budget, as well as to mitigate price gouging of consumers. Sakala’s innovative business will allow people to easily connect with community service providers (with both skilled and unskilled labor), allowing people to make money in their free time, and also offers full price transparency.

Sakala is a former Operation Specialist who served aboard the USS New Orleans, stationed in San Diego. After being deployed twice during his military career, Sakala developed many critical thinking skills and garnered a taste for business management. He attended the University of Colorado- Boulder for a Finance degree, and fell in love with entrepreneurship shortly after beginning his studies.

“I have always wanted to create a business that truly adds value to my community,” Sakala said. “My time in the military led me to become more creative at problem-solving, and I hope that Laborhutt will truly be able to streamline Pensacola’s labor services going forward.”

To become an expert and list services on Laborhutt, users must be over the age of 18 and be set up to receive online payments. Experts have the freedom to position their services exactly how they want to, at a price that suits them. Laborhutt also prides itself on transparency, allowing buyers to order precisely what they need in just one click. Most importantly, the company offers clarity for users- aligning customers with what’s included in the order, from the very beginning of the order process in order to reduce back and forth communication.

Laborhutt is already seeing great success. “I am a disabled single senior citizen who lives in a house built before I was born. Something always needs to be fixed and maintenance is nonstop,” Ms. Dorothy Najarian explained. “Just cutting the grass was anxiety provoking and overwhelming. I would always get three quotes, which were always sky high, unaffordable for a senior citizen on a fixed income. As a single woman, I was always prey to misinformation and price gouging. Until I found laborhutt.com. Now I know I can get a reliable professional to keep my house maintained without constant worry and anxiety. This organization is a community-service based company whose philosophy is to help members of our Pensacola community to obtain reasonable, reliable, professional services at an affordable price, to enable those on fixed incomes to stay in their homes. I am so grateful for laborhutt.com. Their ideals and purpose protect our homes and our communities. I am so proud of all the members of this amazing group of people!”

Ralph, another user, also praised Laborhutt’s methodology. “Working with Laborhutt makes my life easier. I can get things done around the house without picking up the phone!”

To learn more about this exciting new local business endeavor from a young entrepreneur, call Jordan Sakala for an interview, or visit www.laborhutt.com.