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Escambia Children’s Trust Seeks Public Comments

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The Escambia Children’s Trust is now in its final stages of developing the long-awaited Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment is a statutorily required document that contains a snapshot of the areas in Escambia County where children, youth and families need the most assistance. The report profiles 24 of the most concerning child outcome indicators. “We are sharing these findings publicly so communities can hold the Escambia Children’s Trust accountable for efforts to improve the lives of children and families as well as the overall quality of life in our county,” said Dr. Kimberly Krupa, Director of Programs and Performance.


The Trust is accepting feedback from members of the Escambia County public through August 31, 2022. They are looking for members of the community to share their insights, perspectives, priorities, and stories that they feel could make an impact on the Needs Assessment document. After a successful listening session where over 100 providers participated in giving feedback and weighing in on priority areas, the Trust is eager to gain as much insight as it can from across Escambia County.

The full Needs Assessment document can be found on their website at https://escambiachildrenstrust.org/ect-needs-assessment/ where you can view the document, download it, and provide feedback. Once all of the information is collected, the Needs Assessment will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval on September 13th and released to the public. The document will be used as a blueprint for the Escambia Children’s Trust strategic plan, which will drive funding decisions.

For more information, contact the Escambia Children’s Trust via email at info@escambiachildrenstrust.org or visit www.escambiachildrenstrust.org.

About Escambia Children’s Trust

The Escambia Children’s Trust is a special district established by the voters of Escambia County. The ECT supports educational, preventative, developmental, or rehabilitative services that further the well-being of all children in Escambia County.