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Unique Marine Life Featured in Special Presentation

Dr Ian MacDonald

What: Journey to the Desoto Canyon


Where: online through Zoom—register on Healthy Gulf website here: https://healthygulf.org/event/journey-to-desoto-canyon/

When: Tuesday August 9   6:30 pm CDT/7:30 pm EDT

The Desoto Canyon 60 miles south of Pensacola is a wonderland of marine life, from rare Rice’s whales and blue marlin to deep sea corals and strange organisms adapted to life in darkness thousands of feet deep. Join Florida State University oceanographer Ian MacDonald for a virtual journey into the Canyon as he shares his experience from multiple expeditions to the area.

We’ll learn how the upwelling of nutrient rich water feeds a high productivity that makes this a rich area for marine life and a favorite fishing spot for bluewater anglers. Dr. MacDonald will also share how the 2010 BP oil disaster affected the area, and we’ll discuss whether additional steps are needed to help protect this special place from offshore drilling and other threats.

Registration for this free online event is available here: https://healthygulf.org/event/journey-to-desoto-canyon/ and an event page with more information is available on the Healthy Gulf Facebook page.

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