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Pensacola Mayoral Candidates’ Forum Comes to Downtown Library

What: Pensacola Mayoral Candidates’ Forum


Where: West Florida Public Library, 239 N. Spring St. Pensacola

When: Saturday, July 30   10:30 am

Meet the next mayor of Pensacola at a mayoral candidates’ forum hosted by Bike Pensacola. Candidates Jewell Cannada-Wynn, Sherri Myers, D.C. Reeves and Steve Sharp are all committed to attend.

We’ll start by allowing each candidate to provide general information about their candidacy. After that, all questions will focus on candidates’ views about making Pensacola safer and more pleasant for walking and bicycling, including topics such as bike lanes, parking, urban redevelopment, sidewalks, traffic calming and more.

With increasing interest in making Pensacola more walkable and bikeable, this is an opportune time to hear our next mayor describe how to make our streets safer and better for all users. For much more information about the forum please visit Bike Pensacola on Facebook or call 850-687-9968 or bike@pensacolacan.org

Bike Pensacola

About Bike Pensacola

Bike Pensacola is a nonprofit organization that educates and engages the community on bicycle and pedestrian issues. Our vision is for Pensacola to be America’s most joyful place to ride a bicycle.

Required Libraries notice: “This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the West Florida Public Libraries or Escambia County.”