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Pensacola, Florida Based Msp, Inc. Brings Their Brand Hog Bite™ Energy Drink in Two Bold 12oz Cans to Southwest and Southeast Markets And Walmart.com

Hog Bite

MSP, Inc., a women-owned beverage manufacture/supplier, announces the introduction of HOG BITE™ Energy Drink.


What makes HOG BITE™ Energy Drink different in the energy drink category are a number of ingredients like; vitamins B6/B12, Taurine and comes packed with 116mg of caffeine per can. It also, has a clean citrus taste. Only 100 calories in the original and 5 calories in the sugar-free option with no aftertaste like other brands.

Hog bite collage

“For us to bring HOG BITE™ Energy Drink to the South and South Eastern States is a natural fit says” Daniel Rogers, VP of sales. HOG BITE appeals to sports fans, high/college kids, hunters, HD Bikers, NASCAR Fans, and meat-lovers which makes HOG BITE™ stand out for consumers to try and love”.

“What better way for HOG BITE™ Energy Drink to be introduced into these markets” Rogers continues to say. HOG BITE™ Energy Drink comes in two aggressive looking 12oz cans representing its’ original and sugar-free options with a tagline “FEEL THE BITE!” on each can.

HOG BITE™ Energy Drink will become a retailer and consumer favorite as it stands out amongst other energy drink brands. Consumers will go HOG WILD over HOG BITE™ Energy Drink. HOG BITE™ Energy Drink will be initially marketed throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina & Texas where there is a large feral pig population and problem thus HOG BITE™ was born.

About MSP, Inc.

MSP, Inc. is a Pensacola Florida’s based women-owned beverage company producing a number of premium beverages that consumers enjoy.