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Exciting, experimental pop artist ericdoa will perform in Orange Beach

EricDoa On Hangout Fest

Experimental, rising artist ericdoa may be best known for his work in the “rap-leaning, hyperpop” space, however, as he gears up for the release or his debut project things with wings, he is ultimately seeking to evolve and experiment with his music while being all-inclusive with everything he does. It would be difficult to pigeonhole this unique young talent into just one genre, given the complex and intoxicating sounds that come from every musical creation he puts forth.


ericdoa is from, what he describes as, a “small ass farm town” in Connecticut, certainly not known for its artistic output or musical community. Without many like-minded kids at school, he spent most of his time on the internet growing up, and met nearly all of his closest friends and collaborators online via platforms like Discord and Twitter.

Creating songs for him is not a big production in a studio. It’s really just him and his friends having a good time. He is known for sharing raw lyrics depicting the fleeting, yet honest emotions of young love.

He’s been co-signed by the likes of Trippie Redd, Kevin Abstract, Pink Panteress and more + his track “sad4whatttt” was featured on an episode of the exceedingly popular T.V. series Euphoria on HBO. “Lifelife” is his latest track which featured an 8-bit video game.

He also recently teamed with glaive on a collaborative EP then i’ll be happy. The project features delirious hits like “cloak n dagger” and “fuck this town,” with Vulture praising the former as “buoyant, hooky, and endlessly listenable.” Before the joint project, in 2020 ericdoa introduced himself with COA, which Pitchfork hailed as “thrilling.”

In 2021, ericdoa continued his upward trajectory of experimental releases and shared a slew of buoyant tracks – his Interscope Records debut, titled “fantasize” which currently has nearly 20 million streams globally, followed by “back n forth” which received major support from Rolling Stone and Paper Magazine, and “strangers” which led to Alternative Press naming him one of “The Artists Set To Rule Your Year [2022].

Today, ericdoa has caught the attention from the likes of Trippie Redd, Yungblud, Addison Rae and many more. While ericdoa no longer has to record out of his bedroom and he’s finally met a few more of his best friends in real life, not a whole lot else has changed. The formula is still the same, and as he continues to release music his forthcoming project will show, Eric’s next work will be his best yet.

Praise for ericdoa:

“Best New Artists (September)” – Pigeons & Planes

“It you haven’t taken the time to listen up to the remarkable music he’s been creating, you’re missing out on one of the biggest gems in the entire industry.” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Loud, playful, and full of smoldering angst, the hyperpop rapper’s new album feels emblematic of the moods and textures that this scene aspires to capture.” – Pitchfork

One of the brightest stars in the glitchcore-emo movement.” – Alt Press

There will one day be a DJ in some club who is brave enough to play this song in its entirety. I pray I am there for it.” – NPR

“His shit’s pretty tough.” – Trippie Redd

“[Listed one of the] Artists Set To Rule Your [2022]” – Alternative Press

Check out more of ericdoa’s work at his website: https://www.ericdoa.com/

ericdoa will be performing at HANGOUT FESTIVAL next weekend, right here no the Gulf Coast in Orange Beach! His set starts at 2:00 PM on Sunday, the third day of the festival, at the BOOM venue. Be sure to check out this talented, emerging artist next weekend.