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Community platform Nextdoor partners with Tim McGraw to celebrate kind neighbors

Alexandra Kay and Brandon Davis
Country stars Alexandra Kay and Brandon Davis are opening for Tim McGraw and partnering with Nextdoor to help celebrate kind, generous neighbors. (Image special to the The Pulse)

Tim McGraw recently kicked off his McGraw Tour 2022, and made a stop in Orange Beach. McGraw’s tour featured a line-up of country artists such as Rusell Dickerson, Alexandra Kay, and Brandon Davis. However, many are not aware that the company Nextdoor–  the neighborhood platform used by 1 in 3 households in the US.- joined McGraw on tour in an effort to celebrate the work of good neighbors in our local communities. 


The popular neighborhood application has kicked off their first-ever Nextdoor 100,– an initiative seeking to find the 100 best neighbors in America. Nextdoor received over 46,000 nominations from across the US, showcasing just how recognized, appreciated and impactful the support of a good neighbor can be. 

The initiative arrived at Orange Beach this past weekend on May 14th, complete with a Nextdoor 100 Mini-neighborhood experience at the Tim McGraw Tour stop, giving fans a place to come together before the show. The experience included a themed selfie-wall, phone booth to leave a voicemail for Tim McGraw, live performances from local musicians at the ‘world’s smallest honky tonk’ and more. 

There were several up-and-coming artists featured in the Nextdoor experience, including Alexandra Kay and Brandon Davis. These country music up-and-comers and TikTok sensations opened the concert for McGraw, and were at the Nextdoor 100 Neighborhood for a VIP Meet and Greet. 

The Dalton Bush Band – a local, Alabama-based music group, also performed in the Nextdoor 100 Neighborhood experience, in the above-referenced   ‘World’s Smallest Honky Tonk.” 

Nextdoor’s Chief Marketing Officer, Maryam Banikarim shared the inspiration behind the Nextdoor 100 initiative to find the best neighbors across America. 

Banikarim said there are several recurring themes Nextdoor has seen from the 46,000 entries, such as generosity, selflessness, humility and kindness. “These insights show that kindness is rising in local neighborhoods across the nation,” she explained. 

When the entertainment industry announced that it was no longer going to have the Golden Globes due to COVID, Nextdoor saw that there was an opportunity to celebrate our real neighbors- the people who have been there for our communities in ways that we just didn’t expect. After posting about the “contest” on their platform and getting the word out, the nominations began to pour in!  

“It has been so heartwarming to see that people are taking the time to recognize small acts of kindness. Whether it’s helping someone out during a storm, mowing your neighbors yard, watching their pets…it’s been wonderful to see the stories of how people step up with inherent kindness.” Banikarim continued. 

The Nextdoor partnership  with Tim McGraw is a natural fit. McGraw’s song “Humble & Kind” truly epitomizes the feeling of the initiative to recognize our everyday neighbors who are doing good and worth celebrating.  

The Nextdoor 100 has been along for the ride with McGraw on tour for 2 stops so far, including the most recent stop in Orange Beach. They will join him at 17 stops total. 

“Nextdoor provides a way of leveraging technology to tap into humanity. It gives you an instant connection to your neighbors, and lets you communicate with everyone,” Banikarim explained. The Nextdoor 100 initiative truly showcases how much people really want to help each other out. More than just an app for people to find lost pets or hire a person to mow their lawn, Nextdoor has become a place to connect in an era of isolation- where 80% of the people on the platform are seeking to help their neighbors. 

Though no prizes were announced for the 100 finalists, nominations poured in just with the anticipation of  recognizing each other, and having the opportunity to be together and celebrate. The nomination process recently closed on May 8th, and winners will be shared on May 23rd. Neighbors may also visit www.nextdoor.com and enter to have a block party in their own neighborhood to celebrate their own community leaders! 

To learn more about the Nextdoor 100, visit https://thenextdoor100.com or  follow Nextdoor on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.