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Escambia County EMS Integrates ImageTrend to Daily Operations

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Escambia County Emergency Medical Services debuted their new software system, ImageTrend, this week in an effort to efficiently document patient care reports and streamline billing for patients and insurance companies.


“ImageTrend Elite is a report-writing software platform that allows EMS to more efficiently document patient care reports,” said Escambia County EMS Chief David Torsell. “This platform allows previously transported patient data to be accessed for faster documentation in the field, data analysis for continuous review, electronic patient care reports to be sent to local hospitals and for EMS to receive patient outcome data from hospitals.”

With the addition of ImageTrend, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics are able to expedite the documentation process, providing smoother workflow, more seamless patient care documentation between EMS and the local hospitals, and allows data-sharing that can be used for overall quality improvement.

Another key element to ImageTrend is the billing process for patients and insurance companies.

ImageTrend has a patient care billing platform that allows EMTs and paramedics to ensure accuracy with billing processes, which includes measures that allow for gathering additional patient information even after EMS services are complete. Statements are also generated in a timely manner, which are then distributed to the patient or the patient’s insurance provider.

As Escambia County EMS crews are continuing to utilize the software, they will be able to quickly gather information on their patients, especially with those who have used Escambia County EMS in the past. Overall, the ImageTrend data analysis allows EMS to do internal studies to track information on patient encounters, such as overdoses, heart attacks, strokes and more.

Since integrating ImageTrend, Escambia County EMS has experienced a smooth transition to the software, resulting in more efficient operations for EMS staff and the billing department.

“Like any new software, this is a continuous learning process that is ever-evolving,” said Torsell. “The more Escambia County EMS crews utilize this new report writing software, the more efficient our processes will be.”