Home News David Morgan withdraws from Pensacola Mayoral race

David Morgan withdraws from Pensacola Mayoral race

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan. (Special to The Pulse)

A frontrunner in the race for Pensacola Mayor, former three-term Sheriff David Morgan has withdrawn from the race, citing family medical issues.


“Family medical issues, which I had prayed would resolve by years end will not,” Morgan said in a letter to David Stafford, Super of Elections.

“Those with political experience know that campaigns are high energy and intensive affairs, where candidates and their families must be solely committed to the effort. It is not fair to a candidates supporters, and the process itself, to continue knowing you cannot remain fully engaged.We of course will be refunding all campaign contributions. Any expenditures to date will be paid by me. Susan and I thank all of you for your encouragement and support. You will all be forever in our hearts,” Morgan wrote.

Three candidates remain pre-filed in the race so far: James Hilburn, Tim Horton, and former City Council member Jewel Cannada-Wynn. Entrepreneur D.C. Reeves is also speculated to announce a run for Mayor this year.

Current Mayor Grover Robinson is not seeking re-election.