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Quint Studer to speak on stress & trauma at July 26th CivicCon

Stress and Trauma do not impact any two individuals or any two organization the same way. That is why it is crucial to get intentional about noticing, diagnosing and treating.



Quint Studer, founder of the Studer Community Institute and a nationally-known voice in the health industry, will share a fresh look at stress and trauma and tools to help measure an individual’s well-being as well as an organization’s at CivicCon’s next event, which will take place on Monday, July 26 at the REX Theatre, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.


So many leaders, employees, and entire organizations are struggling these days. And when one considers all the chaos swirling around in the external environment, it makes sense. We are dealing with COVID-19 and all the changes and economic pressures it has caused. We are also navigating other upheavals like massive advances in the use of artificial intelligence, political divisiveness, an increased focus on racial justice and diversity and just the velocity of change in nearly every facet of life.


Alone each one of these is stressful. Combined, they go way beyond stressful.


Quint will share how trauma is fundamentally different from stress. While stress upsets our balance in the moment, we can get through it and move on with our lives. Trauma sends us into survival mode. It makes us feel that our life, or at least our livelihood, is threatened, and it changes how we look at the world.


Everyone is impacted differently either by the similar experiences shared by others or your own personal struggles. That includes situations such as serious illness, injuries, job loss, loss of a loved one and financial strain. And the more global stresses many of us are experiencing in today’s world.


When we address stress with actions like communication, mindfulness, eating better, exercising, etc., it does also help with trauma. These are very good ways to deal with stress. However, they are not enough when dealing with trauma.


There are things we need to know and steps we can take for what happens after we experience trauma. This session is a chance to learn some of those steps. And to help you recognize when trauma is in your life and help is needed.


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Quint Studer is the author of The Calling and has consulted health care organizations across the country.