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Pensacola Chamber Celebrates Consulting Firm with Ribbon Cutting

Thomley Consulting Created with Vision for Thriving Communities


A small crowd gathered at the Pensacola Area Chamber offices to learn more about Thomley Consulting and to extend a welcome from the business community. Founding Principal, Magi Thomley Williams explains her drive to create the new venture: “Covid-19 has increased demands and decreased revenues for many business and philanthropic organizations leaving them struggling in the post-Covid business environment. To attain my vision of thriving communities, I started Thomley Consulting to support businesses and non-profits through Marketing, Public Relations and Communications Services. We help clients increase revenue, effect social change, and influence public policy.”

With over 25 years’ experience in Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility, Williams has been responsible for annually managing over a million dollars in community funding, engaging volunteers and building mutually beneficial relationships between business and community.  Recognizing that some businesses or non-profits need help with marketing and PR to get them to a place of generous stewardship, she and her associates offer services to help grow organizations. They effectively create and deliver messaging for buyers, influencers, and policy makers. Williams stated, “My mission is to build reputations and leverage influence for good.”

Pensacola Area Chamber President, Todd Thomson, remarked, “I’ve known and worked with Magi for years and know her dedication to our community. She will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Chamber Members. We are excited to have her as a part of our Chamber.”

Pensacola Area Chamber and Thomley Consulting are planning Fall workshops to train business leaders to become more profitable and stronger community partners.  Check the Chamber website or www.ThomleyConsulting.com for more details and contact information.