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Escambia County’s Mobile Command Center to Deploy to Miami


The State of Florida has requested the use of Escambia County’s Emergency Mobile Command Center, THOR, to assist in the recovery and rescue efforts in Miami. One emergency management employee will also leave Sunday, June 27 and will be deployed for 10 days with THOR.

“The situation in which we have to use this resource is very unfortunate,” said Interim Public Safety Director Eric Gilmore. “We are proud to assist our partners in any way we can.”


THOR is a very large mobile command post offering 1,000 square feet of interior working space. It is equipped with a 44-kilowatt generator with 72 hours of fuel onboard. There are dual 5-ton air conditioning units. It allows for wireless communications, including cellular, satellite and VOIP phones. Radio equipment is onboard including UHF, VHF and 700/800 P-25. There are security cameras with DVR. The 52-foot Hilomast Pneumatic mast has antennas and high-resolution cameras. Video conferencing is available. There is a video distribution system matrix (off air, Direct TV and computer displays). The space allows for a four-position communication room. It is a mobile office space with printers, scanners, office supplies, minifridge, microwave and coffee maker.

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