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Clerk alleges Commissioner May referred to her as “b*tch” and was “f*cking pissed” she spoke at BOCC meeting

In an email dated June 6 to County Attorney Alison Rogers, with County Administrator Janice Gilley copied on the email as well, Clerk of Court Pam Childers sent the following message, with the subject line being “Following Thursday night’s Meeting.”



“As the County Attorney, I would like to make you aware of the following.

Immediately following Thursday night’s Board of County Commission meeting (6/3/2021), three Commissioners were walking the back hallway together, talking loudly about me saying, in order Barry, May and Bergosh:

‘That was uncalled for.’

‘I’m f*cking pissed, that b*tch shouldn’t have said that.’

‘Oh yeah, that was completely unnecessary.’

The Commissioners where referring to the IMCA/401(a) and my reluctance in back-funding their personal retirements. I wish to state, I find this diatribe not only offensive to me personally, but inappropriate behavior by an elected official. This is indicative of the type of behavior that county employees have complained about over the last several years. I will not put up with this type of harassment or abuse towards me, my staff, or any county employee.

Pam Childers

Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller

Escambia County”


At the meeting reference last Thursday, Childers spoke up, telling the Commission that she was uncomfortable retroactively funding the retirement plans in question for the Commissioners, who had not opted in previously.