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C. A. Weis Elementary Community School Earns UCF Certification

C. A. Weis Elementary
C. A. Weis Elementary

Escambia County School District Superintendent Dr. Timothy Smith and Principal Holly Magee are proud to share the news that C.A. Weis Elementary Community School has been fully affirmed as a University of Central Florida Certified Community Partnership School.



“We are all thrilled to receive this news. For Community Schools, certification is a wonderful accomplishment not easily earned or maintained.  What is amazing is that most schools who have gone through this process had to have an additional follow up, onsite visit before being affirmed. We did not!” said Principal Magee. “I couldn’t be prouder of my team.”


“Since I first learned about C.A. Weis Elementary School during the interview process for my position, I have been impressed with the students, teachers, support employees, school leadership team, and community partners. The school has exemplified the concept that educating a child successfully takes stellar leadership, great teaching, and a supportive community,” said Superintendent Smith.

“Unity is essential for our district in attaining our vision. The active participation and ongoing support from numerous partners in our community has been vital in the school being able to attain this certification status,” Superintendent Smith added. “The supports and resources that are being provided at C.A. Weis Elementary School would not exist without our dedicated partners in the community. We are proud of the school’s status as a UCF – Certified Community Partnership School.”

The UCF Center for Community Schools has a rigorous certification process developed to ensure that Community Partnership Schools consistently provide quality programming and employ strategies that align with the core components of the Community Partnership Schools™ model. Earning and affirming the title of UCF-Certified Community Partnership School is a distinct honor that represents years of work focused on student success and well-being.

Dr. Amy Ellis, Director, UCF Center for Community Schools, College of Community Innovation and Education, University of Central Florida, wrote to Magee to announce their success. Her letter also explained that, UCF-Certified Community Partnership Schools must uphold the practices and level of quality set by the process, including implementing continuous improvement measures to ensure advancement of practices. The UCF Affirmation Review Team reviewed C.A Weis Elementary School’s affirmation documentation and found that the school has fulfilled all requirements necessary to maintain this prestigious title.

The certification team noted six strengths in their report. They were; foundation of partnership, right skill-sets in the right position, community partnership school integration, a culture of team, a school-wide focus on trauma informed care, and C.A. Weis pediatrics are aligned to the community’s needs.

The team also acknowledged the pandemic has been a disruption to the schools plans for family and community engagement. They encouraged the Weis staff to reinitiate previously successful programs, such as offering GED classes, and to use strategic planning and a new needs assessment to look for changes in “behavior and preferences in family and community engagement metrics to develop meaningful programs and services.”

C.A. Weis earned the certification the first time on April 23, 2018. This May 2021 affirmation extends their certification through June 30, 2023. To maintain certification, the school must continue to adhere to UCF-Certified Community Partnership Schools™ Standards and fundamental practices. A UCF team will conduct a full recertification process between July 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023.