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Rep. Salzman to work with Sheriff Simmons, Comm. May after Oakwood Terrace shooting

Oakwood Terrace
Oakwood Terrace

Pensacola’s Oakwood Terrace Apartment Complex, also known by locals as Truman Arms, has a documented history of shootings and crime. Local elected leaders who represent the area, including Rep. Michelle Salzman, District 3 County Commissioner Lumon May, and Sheriff Chip Simmons, are planning to help combat these issues with more permanent strategic solutions.


The most recent shooting that took place Thursday night left at least six people shot. Sheriff Simmons stated in a press conference that this shooting was unique in that in appeared to be an ambush style-attach where shooters were “aiming to kill whatever was in front of them,” and that the shooting was targeted.

Salzman stated that what happened in Oakwood Terrace is tragic, but “this issue is not an isolated event and it’s on us as a community to work together to change the culture.” She stated that “we must do more” to “empower the citizens in our communities of poverty,” and listed the following suggestions on her Facebook page to address what she sees as systemic issues affecting poverty and crime.

*creating more opportunities for continued education
*better access to healthcare & quality food
*more engagement from outside leaders to show a connection of all our communities
*changing laws to help provide true 2nd chances to 1st time nonviolent offenders
*finding ways for prisoners to have a quality life and rehabilitation after they are released
*funding dedicated social workers to work alongside sheriff deputies during patrol
*funding trade schools targeted at our minority teens in our community
“I pray for the families of all involved, and am confident that our community leadership and I will be working effectively to make progress in our journey for an equatable life for all of Pensacola- not just those who look like me or have the education I have,” Rep. Salzman wrote.