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Charleston’s visionary City Planner Tim Keane to speak at March 25th CivicCon

Charleston, South Carolina, USA in the French Quarter.
Charleston, South Carolina, USA in the French Quarter.

Are you one of the many passionate citizens in our community who seek to make our town the greatest place in the country to live, work and play? If so, you likely have taken inspiration from one of the nation’s most often praised modern cites: Charleston, South Carolina. Tim Keane is the genius and visionary planner behind the urban design of Charleston-  one of the country’s top-rated cities due to its sustainability and unique aesthetics.


Keane’s Mantra: “Create Cities That Are Better, Not Just Bigger”

As the Atlanta Planning Commissioner for 5 years now, Keane has been working tirelessly in changing the city’s permit processing guidelines. He aims to leverage the huge construction boom while keeping the city sustainable through a streamlined construction guideline for designers and builders. 

He is known for his intentional and future-focused planning. He acknowledges the long-term work that accompanies the journey in creating a livable and sustainable city. It doesn’t happen by accident. This mindset is the reason behind his long track record of success in city planning.

Keane is has worked alongside past CivicCon speaker Ryan Gravel- the urban designer of the Atlanta BeltLine to guide Atlanta’s growth. In order to do so, they implemented five core values, as told to Atlanta MagazineAmbition (Provide opportunities to help the next Outkast find its voice); Nature (Accentuate Atlanta’s lush tree canopy and waterways); Access (Plan for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users—not just cars); Progress (Population growth can benefit the city and solve issues like affordability); and Equity (How does everyone participate in Atlanta’s prosperity?)

A Proven Track Record of Success

Tim Keane received recognition from Atlanta’s Commercial Board of Realtors in 2019 for his 2-year work in improving the city’s permit processing standards. With the new guidelines, the city saw an increase in investments worth $10 billion. 

Before coming to Atlanta, he spent 12 years in Charleston, South California in the role of Planning, Preservation, and Sustainability Director. Mayor Joe Riley says that Keane’s innovative and ambitious plans contributed to the massive boost in the tourism sector and the quality of life of Charleston, South Carolina.

A huge part of Keane’s success is due to his unwavering determination to learn. He went to the University of North Carolina in Charlotte for his bachelor’s degree in planning and master’s degree in architecture. Then, he became a Knight Fellow at the University of Miami School of Architecture. Keane was also the Town of Davidson, North Carolina’s very first planning director.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Learn from Tim Keane at CivicCon!

Are you eager to discover the beauty of urban planning straight from an expert? Listen to Tim Keane live via Zoom on the 25th of March. He’ll speak at the CivicCon virtual stage at 6 p.m. Here are the things you can expect to learn:

  • How the Atlanta City Design could become a blueprint for city developments in the future – You’ll discover how he plans to maintain, if not increase, the quality of life in the city while accommodating the projected additional 2.9 million residents in the metro area by 2050.
  • Insights on affordable housing solutions – You’ll discover how Keane’s innovative “pocket neighborhood” strategy will accommodate the income-diverse, racial, and single-family housing demands.
  • Beauty and diversity of cities – Keane will also talk about gaining a better perspective on the unique opportunities and challenges of each city. And he’ll also talk about upholding the residents’ quality of life in the face of the city’s pros and cons.

Make sure to register for the Zoom seminar 2 days before the actual date! Refer to this Eventbrite LINK to register. Meanwhile, you may also read these books and scholarly works to learn more about Keane’s works & insights:

Tim Keane
Tim Keane (via CivicCon)