Home Business Beck Partners expands Northwest Florida reach with Tallahassee office

Beck Partners expands Northwest Florida reach with Tallahassee office

Beck Partners, a Pensacola-based commercial real estate and insurance company, has announced the opening of their newest office in Tallahassee for their growing team.


“Expansion in Tallahassee has called for new faces and new spaces,” said Justin Beck, CEO of Beck Partners. “The new location provides room for our growing team along the Gulf Coast. We see a need to escalate our efforts in equipping the team to achieve our client’s and company’s goals.”

Beck Partners is located in Midtown Tallahassee at 930 Thomasville Road, Suite 106.

Beck Partners opens new office in Tallahassee, Fla. (Beck Partners/Special to The Pulse)

“The expansion to a bigger space was necessary to meet the growing demand of the area,” said Beck. “This move will expedite the reach of their integrated business model throughout the Tallahassee area so clients can take advantage of their streamlined solutions.”

“Midtown is a prosperous neighborhood that attracts young professionals and families with local restaurants, live music, rich history, entertainment and community venues,” the Beck Partners’ Maggie Whittemore said. “The area thrives with fresh entrepreneurs and business owners that have brought new ideas and concept to this area rich in culture and history. With an upstart mentality, budding enthusiasts are found here to connect and enjoy the unique atmosphere. You will find newly re-invigorated historic buildings that have been brightened with new opportunities.”