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Pensacola sees dramatic drop in crime, report shows

According to a report released by the Pensacola Police Department, the City of Pensacola experienced a 10.2 percent decrease in the total crime rate in 2016.


“This is a new historic low for overall crime within city limits for more than 20 years,” said Pensacola Police Chief Tommi Lyter.

The 10.2 percent reduction in the total crime rate was the result of a 7.6 percent reduction in the violent crime rate combined with a 10.6 percent reduction in the property crime rate last year.

“This decrease is the result of an excellent partnership between police and the community and demonstrates the hard work and dedication of Pensacola Police officers,” said Mayor Ashton Hayward. “For the past seven years public safety has been my top priority, and I am extremely proud of our police department for this accomplishment.”

Lyter also attributed the decrease to economic vibrancy, development, and revitalization in the downtown areas as well as on the west side of Pensacola.

“All of these factors work together to reduce crime,” Lyter said. “Mayor Hayward’s push for economic development coupled with increased community outreach lends itself to lower crime rates.”

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