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Local internet sensation releases new song, video

It’s been a nearly seven-year wait, but the prayers of Mark Gormley fans worldwide were answered this week when a new music video appeared on The Uncharted Zone‘s YouTube channel.


The Pensacola-based internet sensation rose to prominence in 2009 after several of his music videos, which first aired on The Uncharted Zone‘s public access television show and were later uploaded to YouTube, went viral. Gormley’s videos — noted for their liberal use of green-screen effects as much as for Gormley’s unique musical style — have since been viewed more than 5.8 million times.

Despite the success, Gormley hadn’t released a new video since mid-2010 — until Tuesday, when the video for his new song, “Together,” was uploaded.

A retired Marine, Gormley learned to play the guitar as a teenager and began writing original music in the mid-1970s. While stationed in Scotland in the 1980s, Gormley recorded an eight-track demo and sent it out to labels, but after didn’t receive a record deal, he largely stepped back from music until going back into the studio with The Uncharted Zone in 2006.

Introduced as always by the eccentric Phil Thomas Katt, the new music video, titled “Together,” features Gormley in space and on the beach. “This next music video has been anticipated for several years,” Katt says. “Mark Gormley’s been slowly working on new tunes since his last hit in 2010. The recording process with Mark is extremely slow. He generally only works about 20 minutes per session.”

As of Thursday, Gormley’s new video has about 3,800 views on YouTube.