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Food truck to operate regularly in Downtown Pensacola

Pensacola-area food truck Nomadic Eats announced today that beginning in May they would operate Monday through Friday in downtown Pensacola, relocating from their current location near Pensacola State College.


Effective Monday, May 2, the Nomadic Eats truck will shift its weekday lunch location to Pensacola City Hall, chef Randy Russell said Wednesday. City Hall is located at 222 West Main Street, just two blocks west of Palafox Street.

The truck will continue to park at its current location on Underwood Avenue through the end of April.

Russell said that the move is due both to seasonal changes as well as customer demand. “My location now is dependent on the students from PSC, and the school is mostly empty in the summer,” said Russell. “But we’ve also had such a calling for us to be downtown from our clientele. People just want us there.”

Russell credited Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward with embracing food trucks downtown. Earlier this year, Hayward invited food truck operators to park at City Hall after the city council failed repeatedly to pass a food trucks ordinance. Downtown brick-and-mortar restaurant owners, as well as the city’s Downtown Improvement Board, have lobbied against such an ordinance, which has been debated for more than three years.

“The mayor and his office has been so supportive of us coming down there and using those spots they have provided for food trucks,” said Russell. “They really are encouraging us to be there and supporting us. We’re excited to see their support, and want to work together with the city to grow relationships between food trucks and the city.”

Nomadic Eats and other trucks have operated downtown at special events and festivals, but there isn’t currently a food truck operating downtown regularly during the week.