Home Business Mobile-based Foosackly’s expanding to Pensacola

Mobile-based Foosackly’s expanding to Pensacola

Foosackly’s, the popular Mobile, Ala.-based chain of chicken finger restaurants, plans to expand to the Pensacola area with the construction of at least one store this year.


Owner Will Fusaiotti said the company is excited about moving into the Pensacola market. “We’re definitely coming,” he said Tuesday.

“It was our goal to stay in-state, but the more we looked at it, the more it made sense to come to Pensacola,” said Fusaiotti. “We think Pensacola is an untapped market.”


County records indicate the company’s first store could be located at 233 East Nine Mile Road, but Fusaiotti wouldn’t confirm it, saying only that the site is one of several parcels the company has closed on.

“We’re definitely planning on doing multiple locations,” said Fusaiotti.

Despite his enthusiam, Fusaiotti says the company takes a conservative approach to expansion. Since founding Foosackly’s with college classmate Eric Bechtel in 2000, Fusaiotti has carefully grown the company from a single storefront to nine locations in Mobile, Semmes, Saraland, Foley, and Daphne — all of which are company-owned. The Pensacola store would be the company’s tenth location and its first outside of Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Foosackly's features a no-frills menu centered on chicken fingers. (Foosackly's/Special to the Pulse)
Foosackly’s features a no-frills menu centered on chicken fingers. (Foosackly’s/Special to the Pulse)

The Foosackly’s menu is simple — it’s just chicken fingers, a couple of chicken finger sandwiches, and a salad. Fries, Texas toast, and cole slaw round out the sides, along with a selection of homemade sauces.

Beyond their food, Foosackly’s is known for their sometimes unconventional marketing tactics. In 2008, after a lucrative military contract was awarded to Seattle-based Boeing instead of an Airbus-owned firm that planned to build a plant in Mobile, Foosackly’s raised eyebrows with their tongue-in-cheek billboards which proclaimed, “We would like to offer Boeing a finger.”

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