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ECAT Introduces Modern Upgrades to Public Transit

Escambia County’s public transportation service is making moves to modernize its fleet of buses with free Wi-Fi and real-time online route tracking.


Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) recently made the technology available to riders during an initial testing phase this Summer and the following upgrades are now in full swing and widely available to the community:

  •  Free Wi-Fi on all buses and the Rosa Parks bus terminal

These new technology upgrades offer great benefits to riders who can utilize the system’s free Wi-Fi onboard all ECAT buses and at the Rosa Parks terminal, making it easy to stay connected while commuting.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer these cutting-edge features to our riders,” said Tonya Ellis, Director of Marketing and Community Relations for ECAT. “These upgrades enhance their commute by utilizing tools available to effectively manage their internet browsing and e-mails, as well as easily finding the arrival times of their next bus stop.”

The other key technology update for the system is the ECAT Bus Tracker app, which will allow users to track in real-time the location of each bus. The app utilizes satellite and GPS technology that enables ECAT to collect location information about vehicles in real time. This ensures smooth correspondence with the transit center, and allows riders to see actual bus locations via the app.

“These new system features are going to greatly improve the way that so many area residents travel on a daily basis,” said Vikki Garrett, Planner at the West Florida Regional Planning Council and staff to the Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization (TPO). “By introducing modern features like on board Wi-Fi and real time bus locators, ECAT is offering an updated form of transportation for Escambia County.”

You can view the real-time Bus Tracker map here.